About Us

Brant Scrap Metal is a locally owned and operated Brantford Scrap Metal and Electronics recycling company focusing on purchasing, processing, and sale thereof, with a 40+ year veteran at the helm. If you are going to trust your metal to anyone, why not do that to someone with experience.

Past Achievements:

International Nickel Co. Sudbury ON.
Eight years in learning the fundamentals of smelting & refining Nickel, Copper & Precious metals.
A good start to my long career in the metals industry.

Dayton Walther, Guelph ON
Two years in melting, grading, analyzing & producing Grey Iron products.

Alcan Ingot & Alloys, Guelph ON
Fifteen years developing my vast experience in the Aluminum industry, from charging metal into the furnaces to analyzing the metal with spectrographic equipment to developing a least cost formulation program system, which eventually lead to purchasing raw materials for the company.

Wabash Alloys, Guelph & Mississauga ON
Seven years honing my skill as a senior buyer of Aluminum scrap metal, with a reputation of trust, honesty & integrity. Wabash had a capacity of 30,000,000 lbs per month between the two plants.
During this time I trained and supervised two junior buyers, that both moved up after my departure.

Metro Recycling presently Gerdau Ameristeel, Guelph & Mississauga ON
Five years managing all aspects of the Non-Ferrous Metals department, from buying and selling of the metals, to training in plant employees on processing and packaging, and corresponding with the traders out in the field. Metro Recycling serviced one of the largest automotive parts company in Canada and still does today. This required extensive care and diligence to maintain this account.

Waxman Industrial Services Corp. Brantford & Burlington ON
Five years with this company, responsible for all aspects of the Non-Ferrous Metals department.
Developing, training & supervising the retail buying center for both Brantford & Burlington.

Throughout my years in the scrap metal industry I have maintained a reputation of being a fair and honest person who strives to satisfy his customers.